The thinking and plan behind the brand.


The East Coast Buffalo Co is positioned as a leader in the buffalo jerky products space.

The team at East Coast Buffalo Co (ECBC) and I researched three different brand directions, each positioned as a premium product to appeal to health and environmentally conscious males between 18 and 45. A broad range, so we narrowed the brand down to appeal to the same target that also are outdoor enthusiasts. I studied other brands that these same males were looking at, brands like Dodge trucks, John Deere and also REI and Whole Foods.

In the end, the brand never launched due to internal leadership, but I'm proud of the brand and hope to see it revived one day.

East Coast Buffalo

The East Coast Buffalo Company makes the world’s best damn buffalo products. Period. We found the best land available, The best people to run it, and we’re maintaining the most sustainable and environmentally healthy herd of buffalo around.

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