Dickinson Classics

Dickinson Classics is a family restoration and custom build shop built on a heritage of twistin’ wrench, burning rubber and keeping things classy. THe Dickinson family takes care of their clients from the minute they have their dream to the delivery of the keys.


Logo Creation

Joe really wanted a classic logo that would be versatile, evocative and high-end. The work he does is extremely detail oriented and he wanted to be sure his logo also reflected that. I presented the three options shown here and they wanted to rock-and-roll with the one on the left.



Working on projects as a family, Joe and the team picked cars for their shirts that meant something to them personally. A classic Camaro that has been in the family for years and a fastback Mustang. Can't go wrong.

I had a lot of fun making some badges and portraits as well.



We wanted to create a site full of imagery and flash. One that was easy to navigate and communicated a deep sense of trust.

check out the site

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