Hi, I'm Jeff.

(That's me in the middle:))

I’ve been there.

Desperate to drive traffic to my dying brand.

I’ve been laid off because management couldn’t figure out how to get their good ideas in front of an audience.

I’ve been a manager who had a hard time getting a handle on what I should be focusing on and I’ve been a business owner feeling overwhelmed, not wanting to hire local general marketing firms who would throw ideas at me like “are you running Facebook ads?" ... all the while wishing I had the budget to hire firms out of NY or LA....

I was born and raised in New Jersey. I got my first professional grade drawing table when I was 12 and before I was 15 I was selling drawings to neighborhood kids.

After years of moving around the country showing my art in galleries in Austin and taking on odd-ball design jobs in North Carolina, I settled down and started a solo design company in South Jersey that made all of 8 thousand dollars in its first year ... ... but by year three I was drawing a regular six figure salary.

I now live in South Jersey with my wife, our two little girls and our diva of a 135 lb dog. I spend most days drinking fresh-roasted coffee, solving my clients marketing and design issues and chasing toddlers.

Scroll below to see a little of my processes and I'll answer some common questions new clients have.

How I Usually Work With My Clients:

Listen and Diagnose

Let's talk about your goals, your vision for your brand and where you want to be in five years. A lot of times it's hard to see past next week... let's look into your future together and...

Prescribe and Plot

.... see what it looks like from a design perspective. We'll get a prescription together that will take us there. A lot of times I work with just myself and maybe a small team....

Apply and

.... we apply prescriptions, stick to the plan, trust the process and execute.


What type of businesses do you usually work with? / How do I know if we're a good fit.

My "usual" clients are business owners and entrepreneurs who are too busy to hire someone who needs micro-managed, and also too small to hire big name design firms or have a complete in-house design team. If that makes sense to you, let's rock and roll.

If you're someone looking to have a one-off quick design job done, reach out, I usually can make it work.

Can I hire you on retainer?

YES (Actually, I'm all booked for my retainer slots right now but check back in a few months.)

Can you manage our social media?

NO (But I can equip someone on your team with some tools and strategies.)

But you can help run ads on social media as part of a campaign?

YES... Or I can connect you with someone who can.

What are your rates?

My 2022 ballpark rates are here.

Reach Out to Me Here

I’d love to hear about your business, your goals and your challenges.

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