Hi, I'm Jeff.

I won't keep you here long, my goal when creating this page was to keep it short and sweet and give you just a little idea about where I come from and what I do.

Hi, like I said before, my name's Jeff. I live in a small town in New Jersey with my wife, our little girl, Maggie, and our 135 lb Greater Swiss Mountain dog, Macy. Most days, when I'm not deep in Photoshop or taking meetings and calls, we like to go to estate sales looking for mid-century treasures, take Maggie swinging at the park, or try out a new Ramen place.

That's me. Christmas , maybe 1996? I had begged my mom and dad to get me a drawing table for Christmas and I remember picking it out at ACMoore with them. My parents weren't well off but they always made sure we had an amazing Christmas. It was so awesome it barely fit in the room I shared with my two brothers- I spent countless hours and days at that table. I would draw and draw and draw, trying to understand how to evoke emotion the way Norman Rockwell did in his work (I could never articulate that at the time). Norman Rockwell was (still is) my hero- he was also one of my only references at the time of what it meant to be a professional artist.

(hover over the pic to see the first picture I took when I got a camera when I was 14)

Fast forward a couple decades later and here I am still studying how to reach into people's hearts through images.

I started considering my art as a career in 2005 when I moved to North Carolina. I was painting and selling my work around town to my friends and anyone interested in giving me $100 bucks. When I moved to Austin in 2007 from North Carolina (I read too much Kerouac) I started showing my works in Galleries and picking up some design work around town. I designed album covers, posters and whatever work I could get my hands on.

By the time I had moved back to New Jersey to marry my wife in 2009 I was selling my work regularly on Etsy, traveling around to art shows and refining my Photoshop skills. I was slowly falling in love with the idea of building brands and connecting with individuals through images. My career in the restaurant industry was driving my deep understanding of how the public interacts with a brand as a whole.

In 2015 my wife and I closed our local coffee shop due to the local economy tanking. The recession had caught up with the casinos in New Jersey and they were closing one by one. I decided to dive deep into my freelance design career. I picked up quite a few retainer clients and am now running a full time business helping brands and individuals refine their messaging and images through the power of strategy and good design.

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