Dockside Kitchen

A bay-side dining experience in Ocean City, NJ. Crab cake Benedicts, coffee and lobster brunch combine with the salt air to bring a truly unique atmosphere to the island.


Logo Creation

When we met to discuss the branding for Dockside, Robert had a very clear vision for what the brand should feel and look like. In a town of old, cliche restaurants, Dockside would be paving the way for trendy, upscale brunch service. We wanted a logo that was versatile, so we made two versions, one with a more square orientation and one with a distinct horizontal layout.


Brand Font

We wanted an easy way to give the brand a distinct, hand-done feel in its visuals without having to write everything by hand. I came up with this pretty simple custom typeface that we could use across all the assets.


Brand Collateral

There was a lot of work ahead after creating the logo and coming together on the direction of the brand. From creating a brand pattern that was versatile and captured the essence of the brand, to putting together the menu, coasters, membership cards, merch and any other touch points we could think of.

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