East Coast
Buffalo Company

This is a project that never came to be due to some internal company hiccups. However, I loved working on it so much and I really liked the way the brand came together in theory, so I'm keeping it in my portfolio as per an agreement I had with the company.


Logo Creation

I initially created three different brand marks for the company, each with a distinct positioning statement, as the company was going to be starting from the ground up.

The first option I presented was shown as a brand with a deep heritage, rooted in time-tested products with a heavy focus on sustainability and pride in its history.

This brand mark was presented as a brand that would feel right at home in a Whole Foods Market or LLBean store. A brand that is "A Cut Above", an ethical brand that takes great care to produce the very best.


Logo Variations

Once the main mark was decided on, I got to work creating variations that would work in various situations.

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