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How Valuable Can Your Email List Really Be?

August 8, 2020

It’s 2020,

you roll out of bed…. Pick up your phone and do a quick click through. Facebook, Instagram…. maybe Linkedin then you pop open your email and scroll to make sure no fires need to be put out. Tbh we both know this isn't the best way, mentally, to start the day but it’s the reality we live in. Fast forward to your drive home from work. Your significant other calls asking what you want for dinner. Pizza? Burgers? Just a sec… earlier that day you remember something about 20% off a two meal purchase at a local pizza place. You quickly scroll back through your email to that one you saw earlier in the day and you call and redeem the special. 

This is actually my life.

Does this seem familiar to you?

I used to think email marketing didn’t work, the truth is I was just pretty lazy and didn't want to figure it out. Here’s a perspective that will change your mind about it and it comes from a book called Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller, he talks about the importance of keeping your brand front and center in your customers lives. He says that the value in email marketing isn't that someone will click a link every time you send an email, it's the repetition of seeing "Hi, we're a local painter/ pizza place/ plumber/ car repair" every week, then when you think to yourself "Dang, I need a local painter" - it clicks in your mind to give Johnny painter a call. Makes a ton of sense to me. It's a long game.

Does it seem too far fetched or too dang.... simple? It’s not, email marketing is POPULAR because IT WORKS Campaign monitor says that Email is more valuable than ever with an ROI of $42 for every dollar spent. Up from $38 in 2018. That’s INSANE. 

Start building your email list now, quality over quantity (offer something to your most loyal customers first - I have some ideas I’ll share in another email) -and if someone unsubscribes, thats a good thing, save that room on your list for the people who love your  brand or are at least interested. Or... aren't actively disinterested.

Want to talk about it more? Hit me up on my Instagram or on Linkedin... I'm around. 👍

READ THIS if you're looking for quick, easy strategies you can use to grow your list.

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