Sand House Kitchen

A tiki-inspired cafe, cooking and serving up island-inspired bites on the beach.

Logo Creation

Simple. Fun. Effective.

This would be a logo that folks who saw it would immediately have to think "tiki", "beach", "casual".

We didn't want to go overboard with tiki masks, over the top drink imagery, bamboo etc, but we definitely wanted that 40's/ 50's vibe.

Nailed it.

Brand Illustrations

A large part of the brand would revolve around evoking nostalgia through imagery.

I hand-drew tons of illustrations that we'd use for patterns, promotional material, way-finding signs, touch points and stickers.

Menu Design

Brand-centric and well organized while highlighting crowd favorites. Spam and egg sandwich anyone?


Keeping with the idea of simplicity, the site is meant to be a simple portal where users can quickly find what they need without hassle. Order online, shop merch, get directions or see a menu.

check out the site

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